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nothing much to post. life is, what it always is, .. good :). cy is looking thinner, though her weight is the same. i don’t know if its good or bad. she is just as active though. and the doctor told me not to worry as long she is active and happy. so i am not worried. she shows less interest in food .. i wonder if my wails of “ah! i am getting fat” are getting to her. cos i often see her raising her shirt, putting her tiny little pretty hands on her tiny little tummy and saying, ‘mama, i think … *then she thinks* .. i am getting fat’ .. with skewed eyes and nose .. the prettiest little nose ever.

we went for DOR last night. its a really nice movie. ayesha takia has looked absolutely adorable, and gul panang has looked fabulous. very well cast, very well (almost) directed. an earthy, simple story, very well told. shreyas (dunno 2nd name) has done a great job. really good. he is a good actor. gul panang has done a very good job. she seems to be a good actress too. ayesha takia has looked damn cute .. bus. :) this movie should go for oscars just because this one really is “different”.

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  1. Amar says:

    Shreyas Talpade….the same guy who was in Iqbal. Nagesh Kukunoor makes this ‘different’ movie. My personal favourites of him; Hyderabad Blues, Teen Deewarien, Iqbal.

  2. blake says:

    this is how aneroxia n bulimia start in little when ur with ur daughter n never mention the word fat in front v her fact stop fixatin on it urself n eat happily n without guilt…she’l pick up on ur vibes whether or not u realise.too many women r fixated on there weight…u probably dnt hav a weight problem but ur child will def end up with one.

  3. jaggu says:

    thanks for the concern blake, but i am far from anything remotely anorexic. i don’t want to be thin, i just want to become stronger and healthier .. for which its important that i lose this excsess weight i have gained in these past coupla years. sometimes its good .. this weight loss fixation .. :) .. and if my daughter does pick up the vibe that a big pot belly is bad, then there’s really nothing wrong with it. i just whine about my big, fat tummy. not that food has anything to do with it. she’s 4. she enjoys playing around .. food is just another obstruction .. ah! how i wish i could see food that way .. :)

  4. blake says:

    hey,no need to get deffensive,i dont mean to imply that ur anorexic,just tht too much emphasis is placed upon being skinny these days.healthy is great but ur daughter saying “i think im getting fat”isnt exactly healthy ..n i guess ur daughter is way to young to kno wht a pot belly is…isnt she gettin tht from u

  5. Jaggu says:

    i agree blake. :)

    but now i wish it’d get to her… :P now i seriously tell her that all that food is not gonna get her anywhere. but it’s just cos of me right now. my various aches n pains have incapacitated me and i am able to push her for going out, walking etc. :) soon, i hope.. :)

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