i broke my fast at about 9 last night. though it was meant to be a 36-hr fast, i broke it about 10 hr before that. it was supposed to be night 1, day 1, and night 2, and have food in the morning of day 2. but i ate at the beginning of night 2. and it was so .. unceremonious. cy finished her food and left some bits of roti soaked in dal, and a bowl full of potatoes that she didn’t even touch. the moment she gave a tummy full signal, i smiled and just took the bowl and finished it. :( how .. weak of me.

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  1. Amar says:

    For one who has not done fasting ever in life that was a good attempt and what you have acheived is not easy.

  2. jaggu says:

    thanks amar. i just felt that i could have gone tbrough the night 2 also. .. but i chose not to .. :/

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