the (un)dead..

for a long time now, me and M have been planning to visit the neighbourhood (jewish) cemetary at night. sometime back, i remember, one night i had mentioned it to M and she had strongly suggested that we don’t even think about it and that we should let sleeping souls lie and stuff. and then we got talking about something else and duly forgot about it and went to sleep. i remember that i had a terrible time sleeping that night, i’d felt uncomfortable, suffocating, and kept tossing and turning throughout the night dreaming this weird dream where something horrible was happening to Cy. the next morning when i told this to M, she looked at me with a i-told-you-so look reminding me about my wish to visit the cemetary. it freaked me out big time. i went and hugged Cy and decided never to even think about it again.

its been a really long time now since that happened. in the morning, when we passed the cemetary, we looked at each other, me and M, and smiled. God! be with us … tonight.

4:30 pm
i wanna go to goa with Cy for the new years’. just go there, hit the beach, join the general new year revelries (i din spell that correct), spend some good time on the beach and then catch a bus/train back to pune. anyone game? :)

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