nice monday morning

i have had a good day till now today. for starters, miracle of miracles, i got up at 6 am. i actually woke up at 6 am. i did hit the bed again, as usual after shutting the alarm off. but .. miracle of miracles, i didn’t/couldn’t sleep. wow! i just smiled .. lying there .. on the bed that never lets me go. and today, it was as if it’d turned its back to me. my dear, dear bed. and i turned my back to it also. sat and waited on the bowl in vain .. the bowels didn’t empty. luxuriously changed into shorts and shirt, put the shoes on, tucked the key and money and fone in the pockets, was just about to tip-toe out, when i felt a soft, cool breeze. a little stir, a soft purr, my angel was moving, opening its little angel eyes, slowly, softly, trying to focus after a good night’s sleep, lids still heavy with the slumberous weight. and suddenly the little kitten noticed .. mom on the move. NOOOO!!!!! the morning light got pierced with a shriek. ah! just what i had been wishing secretly in my heart. to take my child in my arms, love her, kiss her soft morning cheeks. i asked her if she’d like to go for the walk with me. she nodded her head and promptly got up.

we had a beautiful walk in the beautiful park. this park was a huge reason for making me feel glad that i moved to pune when i recently had. and today we even saw pretty little fish in the nallah. it had an orange tail. after deciding to have fruit for breakfast, ending up ravishing fried eggs and fried toast, and watching Oliver’s Twist (all cooking-related programs being my fav), i reached office in good time.

its 11:40 am. and i am sleepy!! *yaaawwwwnnnnn*

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