my darling angel …

first, an original PJ from moi. the song to sing in a junkyard full of old, disposed-off diwans:

diwano se ye
mat poochho
diwano pe kya
guzaree hai ..


the last two days were really busy. there’s a string of cultural programs going on in our buildings complex on account of ganesh utsav. our complex has huge 5 builidngs that are full of kids and some really enthusiastic adults. it was real fun. there were a lot of things happening throughout the weekend. there was a cooking competition, rangoli making competition, fancy dress competition for kids, quiz, antakshri, and song and dance programs performed by kids. cyra took part in two: fancy dress competition and a dance sequence.

and i don’t have words to describe my little princess, my angel, my darling. i haven’t got as many compliments in the past 31 years of my life. for the fancy dress competition i had made her a balika badhu (little bengali bride), and for the dance sequence, she was priyanka chopra (an actress).

she looked the most beautiful 4 year old bride ever. a yellow-red saree, and a red-gota dupatta, covering her head that was decked in flowers. i had got some really beautiful fake jewellery. her beautiful, tiny arms looked so beautiful loaded with bangles, and then the bindi, the tikka. wow! i could’ve spent an eternity just looking at her. wow! i feel i know love so well now. but everytime i look at her, i discover a whole new side of love. i love her. cy, i love you.

i wish Cy would’ve a li’l brother. i am listening to that song right now, “phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai …” and thinking about veer. long, long time back, wow, seems like another age, i had gone on-site for some project work. i was there for about 2.5 months, maybe more. that time, we were really, really thick, me and veer, and used to write really long mails to each other, at least i used to. once i was reading his mail and he’d written that just yesterday i was listening to that song “phoolon ka taron ka sabka kehna hai. ek hazaron mein meri behna hai”. i burst out laughing, and laughed and laughed and laughed. and then i saw the next line, it said, “Don’t laugh, i had tears in my eyes”. and i cried … and cried and cried and cried. veer, i love you.

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  1. anumita says:

    I really regret missing cyra on my Pune trip!! I so wanted to see her and you too!

  2. jaggu says:

    next time anumita. pakka. just come over. :) you are most, most welcome. :)

  3. Nice blog!!Idea was also totally different,you must upload some pics of your daughter.

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