Death, is only the beginning

Sometimes, I don’t think that wanting to kill oneself is a kind of a mental illness. Sometimes, you just wanna do what you wanna do. And people who insist that it’s an illness are just people who want to stay here, in this highly restrictive world, and who just want to impose their desire and belief on to everyone else. They are just scared of the…unknown.

On a different note, sometimes I stand in front of the mirror and think about how beautiful I am. Well, I think that all the time, as in, I do not consciously, continuously keep thinking about myself, it’s just something I have always known, or been confident about. But sometimes I feel that just a bit extra, like wow, like I look at myself and I feel that I can keep looking, for ever.

I have always had a kind of a celebrity complex; hell, I even used to give (imaginary) interviews, in my teens, walking down the street (walking my dog Suzy), pretending to be surrounded by paparazzi. :) And sometimes I feel very awkward when I am meeting a guy, for an evening out, or dinner, or date or some such, not knowing how to act normal cos’ of course I do not know how to act normal sitting right across a commoner. Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Yes, I know I have some serious problems…hmmm…heeheehee… :D

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