(A) Weakness getting the better of me?

Stupidity annoys me in people. I love it in dogs and puppies, but in people it annoys me crazy. So much that a lot of times I stop seeing reason and forget that the person is right after-all, based on their (current) levels of knowledge or information.

Why does it annoy me so? I have tried to analyse it. One side of the argument could be that somewhere deep down, I see myself as a pretty stupid person; and that annoys me. And when I see that behaviour, reflected in someone, an image of my own stupid self, it enrages me. So the anger is towards me, myself, not the other person, though the other person may suffer it’s ill effects.

Or maybe, simply, I am not as tolerant as I’d like myself to be. I am just not able to comprehend (accept) how stupid the other person could be.

I need to work on that more…anger issues…are still lurking in there, somewhere… :)


it rhymes

in there
a demon
but it’s mine
my own
will i
ever kill it

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