Examining parts of Self

I have never been able to define myself; rather, describe. I have never tried actually. I have never believed that a person, not just myself, is describable. A person is a complex thing, an entire universe within oneself. It’s too, ridiculous, inadequate, to put all that into some words.

But, having said that, if one were to ascribe a word to describe oneself, I have somehow always (maybe of late?) associated myself with ‘lazy’. Am I though? Yes, it is true that I have always preferred not to work, if it can be helped. But isn’t that any intelligent entity’s endeavour? To preserve energy. Otherwise, anytime that there has been work, that needed to be done, and if I commit myself to it, I have never been lazy about it. Highly distracted, yes, but never lazy. I remember this one time mother had asked me to clean a books cupboard, when I was a teenager, I think, and how I just picked a book and just sat there reading it, for hours. And at that time that was a usual thing for me. I always used to end up immersed into something entirely different from what I had originally started doing.

The only time that did not happen was when I was sketching, or painting. I used to do that quite a bit, growing up. I don’t, at all, now. I think I mentioned in an earlier post (on teerathyatra) how a tiny trauma once made me stop and I never picked it up again.

So yes, I am not lazy. (Disclaimer: I don’t start something unless I rally need to) I am highly distractible. Attention deficit. Hmmm. I wonder why the western world relies on medication for it, esp for children, when it can be dealt with simpler ways and means; not that I ever applied them to myself. For, as arrogant as I am, I will never really truly admit it to myself that that has ever been a real, serious problem.

Yep, I am arrogant, I think. But that could be a cultural thing. Most people belonging to Delhi are. Arrogant and very stupid. Am I stupid? Yes, at some levels, I am very stupid. But just as knowing one’s immaturities makes one mature; acknowledging and understanding that one is stupid (at certain levels) kind of nullifies it. Not doing anything about it is even more stupid, but then that’s a lot of matter for another post, maybe a thesis. :) So, I am arrogant as something that just is, like a 6th finger or something. It doesn’t really come between my loving or understanding someone, never hinders my work really. Yep, hints of arrogance, sub-consciously judgmental, just hidden somewhere there beneath the surface.

There’s immense loads of good things too, rather they overpower everything, but I am too modest to put all that up here. :D

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