the Beautiful flame…

I find a flame very beautiful; especially the flame of a diya. I light one at night. I have a brass diya, in which I fix a cotton wick and fill it up with Mustard oil. And when all is still in the room, it stands so tall, tall and beautiful, beautifully yellow, glowing, looking so soft and supple and inviting. I find it very inviting. It looks like a cocoon in which I can step in and sit, if only I was that small. And sometimes when I close my eyes, admiring that flame for sometime (I light it on top of a wooden drawer in front of my bed) I can see myself doing just that; walking into the soothing flame and sitting there. I find the thought very…cleansing. Maybe it triggers a past-life memory when I may have done just that. Or maybe it was a past-life where I was a machhar (mosquito).

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