I got up at 5 am today, happily. I have been trying to set this routine, a discipline so to say, to start my day by 5-5:30 in the morning, failing miserably. :) I wake up, promptly around 5-5:30 am, as I always request the universe to wake me before getting to bed the previous night, along with setting the alarm. It’s I that lacks, eventually, in effort. Each time, without fail, I open my eyes, smile sweetly thanking the universe, looking around randomly, turn, and go back to sleep again.

Well, today I didn’t, sleep again. Though I did linger around in the bed, but I got up by 6. I went out, breathing deeply in the exhilarating fresh, morning air of our park which is abundant in trees. Walked, felt great, got back home, made and then had daliya, and then soon after cosily cuddled with myself under the blanket and went back to sleep again around 8:30. :) A deep, sound, very relaxing sleep.

It has been a peaceful, happy day since. Content. Peaceful. :)

I surrender to, and enjoy, each moment, as it comes…at least today…


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