Hello again…

Hello everyone. It has been a long, long time, yes, I realize, too long. I have just been…well, not been doing anything of late. A retired life, so to say. Fortunately, or un-, things have come to a pass where I have a place to stay for free (parent’s) and free food too, and the child’s expenses are also being taken care of, so the need to earn has substantially diminished. And when have I done anything that did not need to be done? Can’t recall. :)

Delhi, I think, is not for me. I never do anything here, but “stagnate”. Decades back, I really started working only once I left Delhi; and now I am back, and although there are so many things to be done, ideas in my head, things that I have started, I don’t do anything. ‘Subah hoti hai, shaam hoti hai, zindagi yoon hee tamaan hoti hai’. I look forward to Dec, when my one and only will be back in my arms and we will be together again for some time. Apart from that, there’s nothing I look forward to. And I am not sad either; feel pretty content; enjoying each moment as it passes. I am not bored, not lonely, just not feeling up to doing anything as such. Have worked on a couple of story ideas; have almost finished one, only the ending is left; for this story (for film script) writing competition. Rs 5 lacs prize, but if your story wins, you lose all copyright; so I am having second thoughts. Anyways, I think I might enter.

I started Yoga classes, again, and am thoroughly enjoying it. Sivananda Yoga; really love it. First time I actually feel good after continous multiple rounds of Sun Salutations. And interestingly, I am learning just what I need to learn. After years of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), whatever swellings that are left in my body are mostly in my wrists, making me salute the sun on my fingers, and not with my hands flat on the floor. But after a few weeks, my wrists do not hurt, and though I still can’t put my palms flat on the floor, it’s getting better. And I am learning the asanas to build core strength and strengthen my arms; my arms need it, and now I ma so glad I joined when I did. Thank you Gur, for recommending it. :)


On a separate note, I was thinking that I never gave credit to Shm for being what he is, as a father to my child. Even when we were dating I had expressed my wish of giving my own name to my child; he had taken it pretty well. Not many guys (esp not any in Delhi) would be able to take it in. So I thank you too Shm, for having made life just that much easier. :)


I have plans of opening my Sound Healing Clinic soon. I have a place too; which is dirty and needs some work. And I am being so…laid back about it all. I hope the universe wakes me up soon, or not, whatever, all is good anyways… :)

Love to all… <3 :)

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