Life till now… :)

For some strange reason, I never forget the password for this blog. I just logged in (after a long time) and realised that. I normally forget everything if I haven’t been using it for some time; names, places, way to someplace, even my debit card pin code; yep, I am really short on cash…too lazy to go to the bank. Anyways, and just now when I logged in here, my fingers just glided over the keys, knowing. :) I guess that’s true love… :)

Anyways, been here after long. So much has happened since I last frequented this place; my dear place, my place of venting and comfort. Mostly because, there was nothing to vent really, or even share. I have reached this place of peace in my heart and in my mind…it’s all quiet. I rarely even listen to loud music anymore. Or maybe it’s just a phase. Anyways, it’s good while it’s on. I am enjoying it.

So, I was in Hyderabad for three months after I got laid off…that was in May 2013. Now that’s a very interesting story too. I had been thinking of quitting since Dec 2012; and every month I almost did. For most of it, I have my good friend Mee to thank, cos’ she kept pestering me to hang on for a while and see what’ll happen, that I am getting the money anyways. And she was right, there was never work, since I had started 5 years ago. People who were career-smart had quit long back and joined other firms. Me, well my laziness got the better of me, for one; then, Cy was older, but not old enough. With hardly any work, it became possible for me to spend most of my time at home, with Cy; we were both enjoying it thoroughly. :) We did have an amazing time, traveling, shopping, just having fun, like two old friends with a 28 yrs age difference. :)

Anyways, most of my last 5 months, I was going to work at 11 am and coming back by 4 pm; I found it ideal. By May I had decided, pakka this time, that the moment I get my pay on June 1, I will go and put in my papers. I had made up my mind at last, after all those months. And lo and behold, just a few days before pay-day, my manager calls me in, and I see the HR person sitting there with a very serious look on her face. And they inform me that I have been laid off and that they’ll give me 5 months salary as severance. My manager seemed almost to tears; I was struggling to not smile; happy, joyous giggles were bursting forth inside of me. That was a good day. :)

What I did next was pretty stupid though. I spent the next three months, just going crazy. Spending money, having fun, not caring, or thinking. And then I did something even more stupid, money-wise; I moved to Auroville (near Pondicherry/Puducherry) without any planning or preparation; wasting a hell load of money in the process. I have never been good with money, or thinking. :-/ But it was a good time, in Auroville, I’ll always cherish those memories. :)

I was in Delhi by Nov end, and since then I have been around, mostly between Mumbai and Delhi, with a small stint in Kodaikkanal.

The past one year has proved to be very defining for me. In was looking for work search for work, and ended up enrolling for a course in Clinical Hypnotherapy. I felt I have come home. I am a Hypnotherapist now, and also a (Sound) Healer; having done some work with the Himalayan/Tibetan Singing bowls. It’s been an amazing journey of not only a lot of self-realization, but a lot of other little revelations.

I am starting a small venture of sorts of my own now and am working towards it; very slowly though in the typical ‘me’ fashion. :) Well, working towards changing the typical me too, just a bit.

Bless me y’all, and dear Universe.


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  1. Mukta says:

    Good luck! Just now, as I was walking down the aisle of Nature’s Basket, i remembered what my psychology teacher had told us once, “Speed has nothing to do with progress, direction does.” :-)

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