Disappointed in the Sancta Maria International School, Hyderabad

looking for a good school for cy has been harrowing. she was going to the sancta maria international school, in hyderabad. but after i got laid off, i didn’t wanna send her to a school that expensive.

[i was anyways losing faith; cy’s grades, esp in math, had been dropping continuously since she joined this school. so much so that they did kinda accept that they had a teacher-problem at school and when cy and another kid (i think there were only about 7 kids in her class, about the only thing i really liked; apart from the lovely ex-princi who left pretty unceremoniously in the middle of everything) scored pretty low in math, and we protested, they agreed for a re-test. apparently they had hired a good teacher eventually.]

anyways, what’s been really disappointing is the fact that now they are not even giving me the transfer certificate for cy. as soon as i realized that i am not getting a decent enough job in hyd, and that maybe i didn’t wanna work at a 9-5 kinda place anymore, i communicated to the school that i will not be able to afford the school. i had already missed paying the fee for her first term. very sweetly they sent me an “invoice” of the dues (of one term; three months)…which i had just told them i am not in any position to pay, which is why i am taking her out. the amount of close to rs 1 lakh (for about three months) is a lot when i do not have a job, and have no plans of having one in the near future. all i have is some savings, that i need to save every paisa of now.

i did mail the director, mr reddy, that cyra might face difficulties in getting admission to a good school (one that i can afford) without a transfer certificate, but mr reddy, more of a businessman, than an educator, simply refused.

which is what has gone horribly wrong with most schools in Indian cities today. they are all business houses, making millions for the directors and “board-members”, not paying enough attention to an individual student’s needs for an overall, wholesome, healthy development. and all these “international” schools. charging ridiculous amounts of fees and they don’t even have a swimming pool.

i was going through another school’s website, rishi valley, and this is what i found on their website:

“New students to the school are chosen from an annual pool of applicants on the basis of character, talent, academic ability as well as parental background”

so the students they “reject” are maybe characterless, talent-less, and what they deem as academically-challenged and having not good-enough parents..??

i haven’t, honestly, found one school yet, that simply accepts a child, for being just that, a child, who needs a school. oh no, sorry, i did find one. :) that’s where cy is going now… :) their only basis for admission? that there is a child, who needs education. :) thank you God… :)

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  1. Flint says:

    I have always believed that the Kendriya Vidyalayas have provided holistic education to kids in this country.
    Moms of today differ (unfortunately?) !

  2. mukta says:

    As unfortunate as this is, I think many parents look for exclusivity themselves. They don’t want their kids mingling with general, ordinary kids who need sn education. Because those schools are usually municipal schools, vernacular medium, or have classes of over 50 kids.

  3. jaggu says:

    i am a big believer of home schooling. but since i have big discipline issue, i did not practice it on my own kid. i think i am regretting it now…

  4. akshat says:

    its actually frustrating to hv this kind of behavior and unkindness frm schools nwadayz.. and i see most of its happening with the children’s schools till 3-4th grade. After 4th grade, there are plenty of options and child is also getting matured to accommodate himself/herself anywhere..

  5. Divya says:

    We returned to India from UK and I’m looking for a normal school for my son. I have enquired about lot of schools, unable to figure out which one to opt for (got mixed reviews for all the schools).
    My main preference is – school should give importance to education along with activities and a big no to AC schools.

    Any leads wud b appreciated
    Thank you

    • jaggu says:

      I truly loved Sancta Maria, but something changed when the principal who was there when I was introduced to the school left. She seemed to be the life of the school. She really moved everyone with her vibrant and joyous spirit. The environment is great, the kids are amazing, but somehow the teachers are not up to the mark. My daughter’s Math skills actually deteriorated, which is why I put her in Oakridge (Bachupally campus), but we came back to Sancta Maria within 3 months (1 term) as we weren’t happy there either ‘cos at Sancta Maria she was at least happy, if not academically excelling. Besides this not giving me her TC cos I couldn’t pay did it for me and I completely lost faith. It proved itself to be motivated purely by money and business. Not a true education center at heart.

      I’ve heard good things about Mosaica International School; it is ACed though, as far as I know. :) I was trying to get my daughter into it before we decided to move out of Hyderabad. Good luck. :)

  6. Kamal says:

    Gr8 to know that Cyra got admitted to a nice school :)..Can you please let me know it’s name and location , as I would also like to admit my 5 yr old son in that school which values education more than money..Also..pls let me know the name of the vibrant ex princi of Sancta Maria who had left… I will try to google her name and see which school she joined and get my son admitted there..Thanks again for your feedback..BTB We reside near Gachibowli..so if you have any other good school recommendations near hat area..also..that would be gr88 :)

  7. swathi says:

    Hi how is chirec ….for pre school in Gachibowli??? we stay in gulmohar park .i want to find a nice school for my daughter ……for PP 1.now shes going to Nursery in our community .really worried about a school and how she will be adjusted…God help me ……….:)

  8. manoj says:

    May i know the school which you joined. I am searching good school for my kid around lingampally.
    Thanks for your help

  9. Ash says:

    The problem with parents in India is they do not have time for their kids, I came across your blog while I was doing research for a decent school for my daughter.
    Now she goes to epistemo global, as its the only school near to our home.
    Sadly, the principal and the school staff are outdated,the management has great ideas and is advanced, but we cannot communicate with them, taechers keep quitting, its hard for my daughter to adjust, also the extra curricular male teachers beat children.the school doesn’t accept, how can a 5 year old cook up stories.

    • jaggu says:

      i agree ash. schools are not schools today, but merely businesses. it’s r-a-r-e to find a good, dedicated teacher. the thing with expensive schools is that there at least they treat the kids nicely and you will be heard since you are paying so much; but those schools are really expensive, hence pointless. i feel that home-shooling is the best way today, IF, and only if you know you can take much time out for your child to have a solid disciplined regime. my daughter has learnt more from me than all of her teachers put together…it’s a waste, the money we have paid to her school.

  10. Vikram says:

    Our experience with Meridian Madhapur has been good and we recommend it strongly. My daughter studies there in 2nd grade and we found the school very responsive, teachers good with balanced acads and extra currics, balanced ratio of girls to boys. No airs and good peer group of parents

  11. Trifally says:

    hello confused people,

    If you want your child to get the best of education then you must put them in complete air conditioning and provide them with pool, gym, horse riding, hunting gaming etc . Along with proper teachers who can provide holistic education. To be honest then only your child will be worth something, the general public schools are for general public and they will live generally like labourers, drivers , sweepers etc. So, my advise to you underprivileged parents will be rob a bank, take bribe, steal jewellery shops etc but put your child in a school where the monthly payments exceeds 1 lakh and see them blossom like sons and daughters of bitches…

    • jaggu says:

      hello mr/ms. this comment could indicate that you are a highly judgemental and opinionated lost li’l person. you may need help. i am a hypnotherapist and healer; do not hesitate to drop a message. :) bless you…

      or maybe you just had a bad day and just needed to vent out. in that case too i can suggest a lot of better ways than this. :)

  12. micky12 says:

    how is rockwell international school…now the principal is changing (co founder of santamaria_ ratnalekha shetty) nad they are shifting their campus to kokapet..plz planning to admit my dot at 5th and shifting from bangalore….your reviews will help me alot

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