ye zindagi ke meley

Posted by jaggu on Tuesday Dec 3, 2013 Under

am just sitting, doing nothing in particular, listening to aiyaa songs, that make me feel oh so so good. :) i dance soooo well in my head…heeheehee… :) the dongle is working relatively well; as in relative to its not working at all, though i still can’t view videos and all. i still don’t know (haven’t decided) where i will go, what i will do. i truly am enjoying the moment, all these moments, “each-moment-as-it-comes”. :D though can’t say the same about those around me. although it’s not gonna really affect anyone’s life where i go what i do, but i do understand, one’s need to know whether this or that person is gonna be here or there, esp when this or that person is a daughter, or sister, or someone one cares about. i unnerstan…and i wish i could say that i am trying, but i am not, to be honest. i truly am enjoying the moment(s), each moment as it comes… :) ..but soon…soon… :))))

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  1. flint Says:

    hmmm…. accompany me to A&N. I am going in the 3rd week of dec. :P :)

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