ye zindagi ke meley

am just sitting, doing nothing in particular, listening to aiyaa songs, that make me feel oh so so good. :) i dance soooo well in my head…heeheehee… :) the dongle is working relatively well; as in relative to its not working at all, though i still can’t view videos and all. i still don’t know (haven’t decided) where i will go, what i will do. i truly am enjoying the moment, all these moments, “each-moment-as-it-comes”. :D though can’t say the same about those around me. although it’s not gonna really affect anyone’s life where i go what i do, but i do understand, one’s need to know whether this or that person is gonna be here or there, esp when this or that person is a daughter, or sister, or someone one cares about. i unnerstan…and i wish i could say that i am trying, but i am not, to be honest. i truly am enjoying the moment(s), each moment as it comes… :) ..but soon…soon… :))))

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  1. flint says:

    hmmm…. accompany me to A&N. I am going in the 3rd week of dec. :P :)

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