missing delhi!!??!! ….am i?

i am beginning to get tired now. physically, tremendously, and hence mentally, and somewhat emotionally. this beautiful, serene, utterly peaceful place is taking a toll. initially what had attracted me to it, is now proving to be very tiresome. mostly because of my rheumatoid arthritis. all that strain on my limbs; difficulty of getting everything, everyday things like groceries, veggies etc. biking (moped-ing :P) around everywhere, is causing my wrists and finger joints to swell up and hurt more. (though i truly am thankfully that i am on a 2-wheeler eventually and thoroughly enjoy it, and cyra does too; she loves it as a matter of fact :)). plus absence of public transportation and other things like shops and markets is making the days very strenuous. i had not expected my body to react this way. i was actually looking forward to more healing, much more healing. :) maybe all the toxins are getting out now…leading to perfect health..insha allah… :)

i had thought that life’ll be cheaper, once we move here. i know..silly me. :) of course, it’s not. it’s a “tourist-place”…what was i thinking. :P i am still paying rent close to what i was paying in Hyd, though this place is huge, compared to that one. :) but other things, veggies, for example, the water, everything’s expensive. a gas cylinder is costing me more than double of what i was paying in Hyd. they charge me rs 1050 per cylinder here (HP Gas; i was paying rs 400 something in Hyd), and IF i have an adhaar card, which is like this ID card for Indians, which not all Indians have, they will return rs 500. and it’s not that simple either; i need to tell my bank (which is in Hyd) and connect my account with my adhaar card, and then they will transfer the money into my bank account directly. phew…

anyways…hardly been a month. hopefully, it’ll start feeling like home. :) thankfully, Cy is happy. she enjoys her school and has made good friends.

i am PMSing, and also my parents have arrived (they live there on and off), maybe that’s why i am missing my parent’s home in delhi. who would’ve thought…me missing delhi. but i am not missing delhi…just that house. that beautiful, green (as in, surrounded by a lot of greenery) house. :) i soooo suddenly wish we were there, sitting at “home”, having an argument/discussion about something or the other with mom and dad. sighhh….

on a different note, what is going wrong with all the wordpress sites. each time the site opens, the screen gets bombarded with all these annoying ads. so, so very annoying….

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  1. Flint says:

    No no. linking up bank ac with aadhar is very simple. all you need is to fill up a form and get your cylinder dealers certificate. mail me if you need any help.

    ‘insha allah’ after a long time :)

  2. Flint says:

    ummmm… not sure about that. check that out with your bank’s local branch. otherwise, you could fill up the form an just snail mail it along with necessary papers to your hyd bank. You can call me for troubleshooting :) :D

  3. mukta says:

    I am missing Delhi too.

  4. Flint says:

    You have my number, or so i believe.
    i will message you on FB anyways :)

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