money and me, we don’t go so well together. well, we don’t go together at all. we remain separated. :) even if i get it, it doesn’t take long for it to just…poof!!…disappear. just like that. or, for example, if something can be done in rs 10, i’ll ensure (of course, unknowingly) that i spend rs 110 on the very same thing. like this place i am living in right now…with some planning and foresight, i could’ve got a much cheaper place, but no, this is what i wanted, and i got it, paying three times than i would’ve if only i had had some patience, or grown-up brain cells. not that i have a lot of money. hardly. this is part of my (not a very long) life’s savings that i have “invested” on this little adventure, moving here, to this place of nature, beauty, and serenity. :)

but hell, i am not still not happy… :P as a matter of fact, there are moments when i am miserable, and i wanna go home, just that, there is no home… :) only this. of course, teething problems. soon, hopefully sooner, all the boxes will be open and unpacked, and the house will look more like a home. my sense will get used to, familiar with, the still newer surroundings and learn to relax.. :) soon…hopefully, sooner… :)

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  1. Flint says:

    hmmm.. if you have not done a 12 months contract with the owner, then find a new house and move. even if you have done a contract, there must be a clause saying you can give a 3 months notice and move. wellll, if you have paid 12 months advance rent, then thats another story hehehe

    • jaggu says:

      i haven’t even unpacked all of the 83 boxes…so ha ha ha ha… :) getting all the stuff here cost me rs 30,000…now pack again and go someplace else…phteww…no, it’s a 6-month thing..but not a contract as such…lesee… :)

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