updating life…

i had prepared a post on mind, body, and soul for my other blog, and a couple of others, in my head, and i did not care to type it down in time. and now, all i have in mind is, the topic, of that one post. :) but then, in defense of my mind/brain, i have been rather busy these past few weeks. i have moved to a new location and have been quite engrossed in packing, moving, unpacking…well have hardly unpacked. the new place is choked full of cardboard boxes, that the packers and movers guys kept calling cartoons, that i found very amusing. at the end of it all, there were 83 effing boxes, full of shit that i/we had managed to gather and horde in these past amazing, beautiful five years in Hyd. anyways, these past few weeks, have been crazy busy, at the same time relaxing, full of many surprises, revelations and some more communiques with the good universe. yet another “gentle reminder” that you dream a dream does not mean that that dream, once it does materialize, thank you dear universe, will satisfy you, the way you’d dreamed it would, in your mind. :) one will, of course, need to work towards fully attaining the said satisfaction. one is working. :)

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  1. Flint says:

    just a smiling hi!
    “amazing, beautiful five years in Hyd” is quite :)

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