we, the “open-minded” women… :)

Posted by jaggu on Friday Sep 27, 2013 Under

i wanna meet “open-minded” women
you say
as you smile
looking deep into my eyes
placing a light hand
letting it

yes i am
i don’t think i’ll interest you
at all

2 Responses to “we, the “open-minded” women… :)”

  1. Neo Says:

    Well, see the positive side – the option of the ‘other one’ now opens up!!!

  2. akshat Says:

    An open mind, Has no doors
    No crushing ceilings, No cold floors

    An open mind, Says any opinion
    Has many meanings, In any dominion

    An open mind, Reaches out with reason
    And tears down barriers, We prop up and lean on
    An open mind, Touches the soul
    If we let it lead us

    It will make us whole

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