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Posted by jaggu on Tuesday Sep 17, 2013 Under

of late, my mind has started (maybe it always has) discriminating towards wanting to do something vs actually just going ahead and doing it. there is a difference. for example, wanting to write a novel, and actually writing it. when it’s “in” there, it will come out, irrespective of whether you want/wish to, or not. this thought came to my mind because i have (of late) met many who want to write a novel and have been trying for some time. i did too… :) but gave up (or got bored?) after first coupla chapters. i just didn’t/don’t have it in me i guess. not right now. or that’s just how i work. i rarely am able to do/accomplish something just because i have decided to do it. i really need to want to do it, and only then will i even be able to start. but yes, of course, there are people who make long, long term plans and live their lives accordingly (seemingly quite successfully). and so there must be people who decide they want to write a novel, and then sit and try, and then come up with something great. i think it’ll make for a good study. interviewing established, famous writers about how they came up with their best works. was a concept or idea already simmering in there, or did they actually mould (mold?) something out of raw material. i am sure there are both kinds, i’d like to know which are more…

i mostly just feel it from the inside. like cooking for example. it just starts bubbling within me, the idea of a dish, and then i know exactly what i want. and then start about getting ingredients and making what i have thought about, out of ’em. same with these blog posts. i can’t (and that’s just me) sit and start writing, thinking that i have to write something today. i open the writing pad and start typing only when it’s all already there in my head, the “material” so to say; and that is what drives me, makes me type, what i type. yes? hmmm….

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  1. Ajit Nathaniel Says:

    I’m working on a novel and have made some progress. It’s based on a story that has been simmering in there for a while.

  2. jaggu Says:

    :) …i like that word, simmering. not sizzling as much…

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