if i have a pensieve–the thought collector harry potter’s teachers use–right now it’d make for one hell of a porn movie…

oh well .. it’s just a kiss … i can put it up here … :)

Jigyasa is rubbing her lips softly against Kishen’s slight stubble on the cheek. They are sitting on the bed, Jigyasa a bit on the edge, turned towards Kish, her one arm on his back, the other hand caressing the skin of his neck, rubbing just under his jaw bone. Her knee raised, resting on his thigh.

“Ahhh!! Kish … uhhhhh!! Please, please open your mouth. It’s killing me; I can’t hold it any longer. Just one kiss, let me see if I can find the satisfaction of an eternity long fuck in it.”

Jigyasa moves closer to him on the bed; Kish moves further away. He looks torn and confused.

“Jig!” he manages to utter, not moving his lips, his eyebrows together in a knot.

“What baby. I can see you are hard. I know you want me. You know I want you. Don’t hold back … now that we’ve reached this far.”

She stretches her neck, her lips getting closer to his. Kish holds still, his breathing getting faster by the second. He closes his eyes. She raises her body slightly taking her mouth closer to his, and licks the side of his lips softly, tugging at his mouth with the tip of her tongue. He lets out a soft moan, “uhhh…!!!’, coming from deep down his throat. He turns his head towards her, his eyes still closed. She kisses his lips softly; once, twice, thrice. She opens her mouth and lets her tongue rub against his closed mouth, sucking. She doesn’t remember if she’s ever tasted a mouth so soft, lips like flowers. She opens her mouth more and takes in his lips, sucking harder, chewing slightly, nibbling, and prodding his lips to open. He falls back somewhat, his body tilted now, his mouth open, the adam apply moving fervently in his throat, as if taking gulps of her love, her lust.


some days, maybe weeks, maybe months i had put up a post about “indian” actors and how i detected a certain kinda “attitude” … problem or not i don’t know. but this is what i had meant . M, watch this:


now this guy (i sooo love him :)) is awesomely good looking, is a huge success, has a deep voice, but still … still … notice the … “bounce” in his voice, in his tone, in him … the way he speaks. most good actors have this (in the west). i can’t think of one (successful) indian actor possessing such … humility, the sheer joy of being alive (shahrukh khan does to some extent, but at times it seems even that is a performance). and that is what makes a good actor … i mean that’s not the only thing, but i think it plays a huge role is making one act well, and not merely perform, which is what most indian actors do. i wonder if i have been able to make my point …

it might have something to do with the air around here …. people growing up and all here … breathing this air …

come to think of it, priyanka chopra has that … bounce. :) listen to her speak. as a matter of fact, many actresses do ..

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  1. Mukta says:

    ah! the idea for a porn movie comes from a children’s flick. We live in such interesting times!

  2. jaggu says:

    it IS a good idea .. :)

  3. Mukta says:

    yes, you are right. I understand…this joy of being able to do what they love! Such few people in the communications media have it. (Have you heard journalists, speak? they sound so jaded…or even writers!)

  4. jaggu says:

    i have some unexplained, most prolly unreasonable biases against “journos” and ad-world people. esp ad-world guys … arghhhh!!! :-)

    what about writers? hmmmm … come to think of it they do look all sleepy … and am not talking about salman rushdie … i think it’s b’cos most of the times they are conserving energies so they can forcefully effuse it all out on paper when they get “inspired” or some such …

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