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long, long, long time back, i had a “friend”. she used me, right, left, and center. not only that, she mistreated me later, when i dated her brother for a while. she just wouldn’t understand that it was none of her business. that’s one of the very few things that still irks me sometimes. no, i don’t wanna get even or anything, i just want … to “talk” back … cos at that time, i just sat there mutely, trying to sooth her (as is my nature) the last time she just blasted. i realize now, i should’ve blasted back.

yea, yea, yea i know it’s past, it’s long gone, of course it’s not “spoiling” anything for me now … but i wish i could … let go .. of that feeling to “make my point” … :) maybe i have … i think i have … just that tiny desire lingers … the desire to shout back at that face … that face i showered caring and love at, some time in my life … :)

satnam waheguru
satnam waheguru
satnam waheguru


some weeks back, when i went to see the dentist at care hospital, i also paid a visit to this p√Ętisserie called cafe d’art. i’d seen it a couple of times before while passing through and had been wanting to take a looksie. didn’t like what i saw. i mean the pastries and pizza were .. nice, but …

so i was talking on phone with someone when i entered the place, greedily eyeing all that chocolate in front of me. alongside i was also asking the attendant present about the various confectionery and what it might constitute of. i ordered this, and that, and that, pointing the things out kept in the glass shelf. i paid, and then i saw that the guy was putting something other than what i had ordered. i smiled (like i always do, more so when i am pissed :)) and inquired if that was my box. when he said ‘oui’, i informed him that that was not what i had ordered. the guy insisted that no, this is what i had ordered. i asked him to put it back, and give me what i had wanted. can you believe it, he actually said that it’s been billed and that he won’t change it ??? … just cos he misunderstood what i asking for … ??? AND, on top of that he started insisting that what he had packed was what i had ordered … as if i didn’t know what I had ordered. it was most frustrating and annoying. a nice lady then came forth from inside, i guess hearing the scuffle, she apologized and stuff and said that they’d change the pastries … but the harm had been done. though the chocolate was delicious … it left a bad taste in my mouth …

and on top of all of that … that nice lady, along with apologizing said “yes ma’am, customer is always right”, and i was like “huh ….” … of course i won’t be going there anytime soon …

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  1. Mukta says:

    i read somewhere if you just wrote a letter to her saying all the things you wanted to say, and then tore it up or burnt it, it would help. :-)

    I have so many people I want to blast off to…i think there’s a long stiunt of letter-writing ahead of me now.

    He he he!

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