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hmmm … maybe M is right (or, Louise L. Hay) … that with that extraction i got rid of an old … principle. hmmm … i hope all my school and college principals are alive and healthy .. hahaha!! :)

well, anyways, i still feel in a limbo. it’s weird, how after feeling that ok, its been .. OMG .. 9 months (holy mother of God!!) and that i am used to this place and maybe i have become comfortable here … there are times, i still feel that i/we are biding time. i don’t feel that “at home” feeling. that we are waiting for the next … move to happen, or some such. it’s a weird feeling. and you (i) (looks like a vagina heeheehee!!) can feel it’s presence even i am happy, like this … slight pressure i keep feeling on my tooth/teeth.

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  1. Mukta says:

    my tooth is hurting now

  2. Mukta says:

    Put up ur tag on your blog. I’ve put up mine over there.

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