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Pray, Love, Eat … in that order …

I have a lot of faith in prayer. Prayer is like a Pranayam (breathing exercise) for the soul. Praying takes you closer, closer inside, to your own precious and powerful self. Once you get in touch with your true self, … Continue reading

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Mori, Uttarakhand

Last weekend was amazing. I had been invited by a acquaintance to accompany a group of (bike) riders for a long-weekend (4 days) ride to a place called Mori, in Uttarakhand. I had never heard of the place before, but … Continue reading

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Be glad…for even those tiny things… :)

I am going out on a small 4-day trip, and before leaving I would like to say this to all the people in the world. Be glad !! There’s so, so, so much to be glad about… :) I will … Continue reading

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I can help you clean your mess in life…

Life is messy. That is one big thing that makes life what it is; it is messy. Sometimes, it just so happens that the mess becomes so much and so bad that you wish that you could turn right back … Continue reading

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If you’ve seen the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda’, there’s a scene where Po’s dad explains to Po the secret to his successful ‘Secret Ingredient Soup’. The secret is that there is no secret ingredient. It’s just plain ol’ noodle soup. … Continue reading

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Be quiet. Contemplate. In quiet contemplation, you will find something. Something precious… ~As originally posted on Here to Help.

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Life till now… :)

For some strange reason, I never forget the password for this blog. I just logged in (after a long time) and realised that. I normally forget everything if I haven’t been using it for some time; names, places, way to … Continue reading

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