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On bringing up kids…

Nope, I am not an expert, just a regular Joe-ann who thinks she is a know-it-all after having just one. :D 1. Try and not treat them as kids; treat them as people, with an understanding that they have a … Continue reading

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just… :)

the entire day is nothing but a long, sometimes short, wait for cyra to come back. and it’s not just now; i was like this even when i was working a regular job. i used to spend all day looking … Continue reading

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We, the humans, got it all wrong…

We got it all wrong. In our arrogance, of course we claimed ourselves to be the superior species; all other animals, insects and the like are inferior. That we have a right to kill and maim and torture them, the … Continue reading

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my life is an open book. and all its pages are empty.

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i love coconut trees..

i love coconut trees. i can spend all day, all the time, forever, just looking at them, lying down, or sitting somewhere. that was the one thing i loved about where we lived in auroville (a little north of pondicherry); … Continue reading

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