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sighhh… :)

i am a coward. yes, a pathetic, sad nothing. i wouldn’t be in a lot of situations i have found myself in, over the years, if i hadn’t been a coward. i have always feared conflict, and men shouting. i … Continue reading

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‘God’ potential…

a new word for ‘God’. Potential. we all have it, but just don’t (or not able to) tap into it…

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like father

i am a lot like my father. i am, my father’s daughter. i did not know that as i was growing up. i realised it, gradually, as and how i started spending more and more time with him, in recent … Continue reading

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the one

in all probability, the idea of finding ‘the one’, as in a life partner, started with the idea of “joining” with “the one”. the ultimate light and energy source (which is everywhere) and being one with it. and then a … Continue reading

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