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bound to my destiny i was never really free but i braved the storms enjoyed the breeze a tiny leaf, stuck to the tree ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Had a really good trainer at my first job with NIIT, and like a lot … Continue reading

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during cold nights when i am all alone, and far away from everything, even myself.. i really wish, sometimes, that life wouldn’t go on. that we could all live in our happiest phases, forever. that it’d just stop, time, not … Continue reading

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I believe in one nation, one law

Last evening I was watching a BBC documentary about a group called EDL; English Defence League. No, they are not a football team, like I had thought and downloaded it thinking about feasting my eyes on a bunch of good-looking … Continue reading

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i miss talking. to someone, anyone. maybe not a one in particular, cos then one’ll have to suffer that one all the time(s). friends would be nice. :) hopefully, i’ll have some soon. :) I made a “friend” last night. … Continue reading

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Is modern medicine truly modern? Nah…

This post was triggered by a comment on a social media platform; something to the effect that they had complete faith in modern medicine. I think the discussion was about something to do with alternative medicines and other methods of … Continue reading

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i am very uncomfortable right now. physically uncomfortable. i am cold and uncomfortable. i had known, before coming here, that the climate here is cooler than the plains; i had not imagined it to be this cold, and at this … Continue reading

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not comfortable

M had posted on FB about how it is nice and comfortable in the comfort zone. today, i soooo agree. i am missing mine; terribly. so much that i wanna just quietly get up run away, back to where i … Continue reading

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