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…and just for the record, i really wouldn’t mind enrique saying that to me…ever… …you know my motivation… :)

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(Marital) Sex (Un)Limited

Are you happy, with your sex life, in your marriage? I have been married for a tiny amount of time, miniscule, so I am not a good judge, or even an advocate here. What I have, is purely a set … Continue reading

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i am very fickle minded. always have been. like a pendulum, i sway. :) swing, swing, swing… :D

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Dealing with Negative Thoughts

A lot of times, more often than we realize, we end of nurturing negative thoughts. Thoughts of anger, depression, dismay, self-pity… Thoughts like: – How dare she/he do this to me – I have no one to talk to … … Continue reading

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