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Why/How I chose writing (professionally)…

I do some freelance work aajkal, for eLearning companies. One of them wanted to assess if I am capable enough. This “write-up” was part of that “test”. :) Well, rather I should say, writing, or Instructional Design, chose me. I … Continue reading

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sighhhhhh…. :)

hmmm…i sooo wanna lick that lolly…slurppppp!!! top to baseum kama sutram… :)

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Sacred (animal) sex…

A couple of times I came across this poster-like image on Facebook. Preaching how (not) to have sex. It says something about “intimate energy”, “intimacy at that level”, “aural energy of the other person”, “powerful connections”, “spiritual debris”, “confused aura” … Continue reading

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