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Stability. What it means, who defines it? You do. Like your religion (or non-), like your God, “stability” is a personal matter. Don’t let anyone else define it for you; be it your father, mother, brother, sister, or even friends. … Continue reading

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teri yaad vich…

minta te scinta dee suiyaan waddan lagiyan terey bina hai rattaan por-por mera kattan lagiyan tennu jado chhor ke ayee see apney supneyaan nu mein tor ke ayee see sochya na see ek ek pal jeena bhari pe jayega saa … Continue reading

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i dream a dream…

i remember very clearly, vividly, a night long back.. once, eons back, when i was a little girl, spending a summer vacation at my grandparent’s house in a small town tucked in a busy corner of a rowdy Indian state, … Continue reading

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Disappointed in the Sancta Maria International School, Hyderabad

looking for a good school for cy has been harrowing. she was going to the sancta maria international school, in hyderabad. but after i got laid off, i didn’t wanna send her to a school that expensive. [i was anyways … Continue reading

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