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In God we trust!! ..Do we really?

We are a very “Godly” bunch of people; most Indians. Almost all, rather I should say many of us, believe in the divine, or some form of “it” or the other. Believe is too subtle a term; we live by … Continue reading

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“This is NOT mine. Nothing is…” Now repeat after me…

Bah! This post has been sitting, fermenting, getting stale in my head since morning; and even now I am having to make myself put my thoughts down. That’s how much of a enjoy-doing-nothing kind of a person I have become. … Continue reading

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empty inside…

i am feeling very empty today. and not sure if empty in a bad kinda way, it’s not good either. it’s nothing actually. i am not sad, nor happy. just empty, shallow, hollow. dis-interested, detached. let me savor it…and see … Continue reading

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understanding and tolerance are imperative for LOVE…to find LOVE

i had this in my head in the morning. but this bout of rheumatoid arthritis which makes my joint-pains act up once in a while, led me lovingly into a sweet sleep, and i sank like a stone in water. … Continue reading

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Just don’t do it.. :)

a very common thing that people often say, or advise, to each other, “don’t sit idle”. i’d say, please do. it’s only in the sitting-idle that you might find something, someone, you…or better still, some answers, in case you are … Continue reading

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every time i listen to this song, it makes me smile so hard, squeezing my eyes, spilling a tiny tear or two… :)))) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ my advice to all. yes, please do take it, i insist. try and softly massage … Continue reading

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dig out all monsanto crops

khuda kee taraf, moonh utha ke kya dekhtey rahein…khud shuru karni hai “khudai” hamey ..

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sometimes i really wish i had more people like me around, me, you know, at least 8, or 9. everyone around is 3-4, 5 maybe…

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i dreamed a dream…

like sometimes, when you’re all alone at home, doing something, or maybe nothing, and you feel a little…twang, and then a stir, “down there”, a tingle, and you can feel a smile (a very naughty smile) come to your lips, … Continue reading

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can’t sleep…

my sleep cycle’s screwed beyond redemption; or so it seems. what’s more tragic is that i get hungry by 2-3 am and end up eating stuff, greatly harmful to my dresses that are not fitting me anymore. esp., this little … Continue reading

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i have done a hell lotta stupid things. still do…on a pretty regular basis. i guess everyone does. but with most people, they learn. me? i just keep repeating the same stupid pattern. and most times a mere ‘oops!’ doesn’t … Continue reading

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