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meditate…in my direction…

what am i thinking today? hmmm…nothing as of now. and that is a good thing. :) i like this state of no-thought, no-feel. i bought these CDs about ten different ways/techniques to meditate (by nirguna akshara), i hope i am … Continue reading

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i don’t know what i am feeling right now. i think, i am not feeling anything right now. and why am i not going to bed? i think i am tired, and sleepy enough. i think i am waiting to … Continue reading

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unhealthy trait in trainers/managers…

twice i was asked to leave the room. the meeting room, where a training was going on. one time, i was late, and i was asked to “not enter”, in a very curt manner. and the other time, i had … Continue reading

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Dear God!!!

there is no god. there is nothing. there’s just you. you are it. you are your own god. don’t look up, to the skies. the skies don’t speak, they don’t respond. nothing does. don’t look up; look within.

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the ol’ men vs women thing…

what do women want? just what men want, or even monkeys, ok maybe not monkeys. everyone wants the same thing, to be happy at the end of the day. of course, the road that leads to this (seemingly) elusive goal … Continue reading

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