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my heart’s bursting dil uchhal raha koi geet gun gunaney ko kuchh naya gaaney ko hansney ko hansaaney ko ek meethi ankahi kahani (read original) sunaney ko sunaaney ko aye man chal machal machal jayein kuchh yoon hee gungunaye sunder … Continue reading

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kuchh sapney, sapney hee achhey lagtey hein…

zindagi ke wo kuchh haseen lamhey aankhon ke paani ke saath fisal janey ko hein wo sapney jo subah hui aur toot gaye aankhon se gir ke dil mein samaaney ko hein nahi, please nahi aisa mat karna mat karo … Continue reading

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muft ka mera munn aur muft kee mein..

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(sometimes, rarely actually) i wish there was someone i could take for granted. someone to sit and hold my hand when i cry, and then just disappear after that. just last night, i was telling someone that i never cry … Continue reading

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sorry rozitta…

it’s a beautiful morning here today. i was sitting with a book and my cuppa chai; and then i noticed a flower blooming on rozitta; our resident rose plant, sitting pretty in the balcony, spreading his love and charm all … Continue reading

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