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naya sawera…

kya kal wo subah ayegi jo sab ulta pulta kar jayegi aur mujhko naya banayegi ? intezaar nahi bus ek asha hai aaj ke iss pal se naa hi koi nirasha hai bus sapno kee hai ik phulon kee daali … Continue reading

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there’s so much i want to say, but when i open my mouth (figuratively speaking), it becomes a bottle neck, for all my thoughts. and then, some of it, i just wanna shout out. at someone, at everyone, the trees, … Continue reading

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the silly smile’s back on my face…bah!!! stop showing off your puppetry skills dear universe… :)))))

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i think of you i try and not but can’t help it your lips thrust themsleves on me on, into my mind our kisses sweet, sweet kisses that sea i never wished to come out of now when i think … Continue reading

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the problem with not being able to sleep till post 12:30 am is that one gets hungry, again. ** sigh ** i so should not have had that coffee at 8… and then when one makes a sandwich, one makes … Continue reading

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conversations with God…

me: God, what do you want from me? What is it you want me to do? God: Nothing at all… me: hmmm…

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o happy day.. :)))

i know now what can keep me happy. one of the things at least. keeping away from alcohol.. :) i had been off…i remember saying sweetly no to it…sometime around last year; i remember the look of confusion on dad’s … Continue reading

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sometimes i feel it so strongly. my fucking…consciousness..peeling away from my body, from the inside of my body. not caring for it anymore, the body. not wanting it. if only there was a toggle switch somewhere; it’d extend itself, and … Continue reading

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