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listen to me…

dear universe. i want to move…on…ahead…

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although, i truly believe in spreading love, to all; some people just don’t deserve it. two problems. one, in saying that, i am being judgemental. two, well, that’s the idea, you spread love, irrespective. :) dear universe, give me the…wisdom. … Continue reading

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…drunk that is. i was. last night. for the first time in my life, i passed out. in the loo of a club. like so many li’l gals i have sympathizingly looked at, over the many years, of my sad, … Continue reading

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why do (most) guys lie (mostly about their marital status)? i guess because (most) girls say no, when maybe deep down they want to mean yes. :) blame it on the way we are brought up. we are brought up: … Continue reading

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something is affecting my brain…

it was a beautiful morning today. and i was enjoying the poha, that looked, felt, and tasted like a gooyee upma, reminiscing about the immediate past. what got me thinking about it was the fact that i was feeling terribly … Continue reading

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the universe did give me everything i ever wanted. getting everything one ever could ask for, just bores one out…

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so many people i meet, are like ice-bergs, most of it under water, invisible. me? sometimes i feel i am a huge, big boulder, sitting on top of a hill, hyd eshtyle… ;) :)

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yes. it’s been so long, that i haven’t seen your face. ah! yes, yes, i know it’s a song. but you know what i mean.. :) :) :) ok, ok, fine…i will try and de-transcend to “words”..heeheehee!! :D it’s been … Continue reading

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