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into strangest of situations our lives slowly lead i am a writer and he hates to read

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life’s been busy of late–socially. visits, frens, dance, drinks…enjoying good, sweet, times with self and frens. thanking the universal donor, when i can, where i can; on the dance floor, at work sometimes, trying to look for an autorickshaw, looking … Continue reading

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Dear God, …

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it can’t be PMS. i just had it a copla weeks ago. then what is it…this..this stupid thing that i’m feeling. something dark, a sinking, a desire to…something i think i don wanna admit to myself..confront. maybe i should have … Continue reading

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the brain is/was created to ensure proper bodily functions; not necessarily for thinking. thinking is a value-added feature, to compliment the heart, in it’s feelings. (by) feeling is/was how we are/were supposed to live our (sad?) lives. am so, so, … Continue reading

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i wasted my most creative years doing nothing. yes, that’s a regret. and i don’t care. if there is a regret, there it is. one can’t do anything about it, except from this point forward. now the only thing i … Continue reading

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