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missing home..

things i want to have, soon, like, right now: – a good pedicure – a reeaaallllyyyyyy good back massage – silver toe-rings (for the 2nd and 4th toe of my left foot, and the 3rd toe of my right foot) … Continue reading

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i close my eyes and try to remember a face i kissed with my eyes closed the lips that mouth those eyes things i want to remember and i can’t delayed, deranged disposed i lived in that moment and i … Continue reading

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random thoughts…

…and today i am bursting, and hence am not able to put down my thoughts. so much so that i have been rapidly ruminating since morning. thoughts, all on various subjects. i think maybe one should call up intel or … Continue reading

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green chilly

i had a green chilli, with b’fast, and then scratched myself “down there”. so not a good thing to do. i can safely say that my world is on fire; and not in a good way. hmmm… i developed it … Continue reading

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thought for/of the day

women are complex creatures; like potatoes; and just as versatile. you can boil em, fry em, roast em. have them any way you want, they are yum and they are nutritious, and they are there for you, even when at … Continue reading

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a cheery, tired, loving end to yet another weekend of this life. how many more to go; only heaven knows. i have been in this melancholic mood for these two days now. wonder if my periods’ gonna start. hmmm…. … Continue reading

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had a nice piece o post in my head in the morning, sitting on the shit pot. such beautiful words were streaming out of my mind. and all i remember now is thinking/wishing that somehow i could convert that stream … Continue reading

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the cosmic kitchen is a community kitchen, a langar. it is good to accept what is given with folded hands and enjoy it (it IS yummy :)). order requests are not always accepted. though if requested with a warm smile … Continue reading

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if only i could read the thought bubbles of God in these soft fluffy clouds

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