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i did…

wake up at 6 am.. :)

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friday resolution…

have got to, got to, got to get up at 6 am on monday…just got to…please help me God..

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contd. from previous post..

enlightenment is a much used and abused term. a lot like love. :) love too seems so hard (sometimes it should be ;), but is so simple, to come, to give, to share, to misunderstand, and misuse. initially, determination helps. … Continue reading

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enlightenment, again.. :)

“People assume that eating right, meditating right, or some other discipline or spiritual path will lead to enlightenment. But what if enlightenment means recognizing that there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no one to become? What if … Continue reading

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about relationships..

in my last post, i also wanted to put in my thoughts on how/why relationships (at least some of them) turn out the way they do. forgot. so i’ll just make a new post of it; while my top ramen … Continue reading

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i am not exactly sure what brought on this bevy of emotions this weekend; maybe how the weekend started. people, in your life, bring along expectations, in you. and we know what all that entails. so maybe it’s not all … Continue reading

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marriage (in india)

in india, marriage is more of legalized prostitution, nay, slave trade. the metropolitan cities are but a very tiny, small part of india, and in these very seemingly modern cities too, women are mostly exploited, and live in bad physical/mental … Continue reading

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