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remembering the bad, harrowing experience with dr monika desai – “dentist”

today i stumbled upon the site, i think that belongs to that bad dr monika desai who claims to be a “children’s dental doctor”. she is not not. i left this feedback on the site: is this dr monika desai … Continue reading

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angry genes..

there is a lot of rage in me, much less now though. could it be genetical? i think it could be; as in, it’s not just me; it’s my grandmother (paternal), my dad, who are both short tempered (was in … Continue reading

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Important message of the day..

It is not only healthy and hygienic (wash your hands with soap after), but very important for the environment that one washes one’s bum with water (after defecating), instead of wiping it with toilet paper. a tree today is way … Continue reading

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nice, lazy sunday… :) where’s my chateau

i feel rather bad about missing the last of the harry potter series movies (deathly hallows). just that the cinemas are all so far from where i live here in hyderabad. it was different in pune. two major theaters at … Continue reading

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been busy…

i have been down with viral for the past two weeks. it started with a cold, then some cough, and them some fever, and then a lot of fever this past week. am feeling mucho better now. thank you universe, … Continue reading

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