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Danny had been playing with the glass for too long now. Dilshad had not given him her time of arrival, he knew on purpose. She’d just said that she’ll meet him, in the evening. He didn’t wish to sound too … Continue reading

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heard this nice line watching a movie the other day, “don’t confuse sex with love, you’ll ruin both.” was thinking about adding on my thoughts, but then a friend came over, and then the thoughts just…drifted away… :) and now, … Continue reading

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arz kiya hai: botal nahi uthai, na kabhi padhi kitab chaltey-chaltey, yoon hee tumney jaan, jaaneymun, tum-sab-kuchh-ho ka humko diya khitaab nasha tumhari aankhon mein hai meri aankhein, haath, khaali hein tum behkey gir jaogey phir na kehna tumhari aanhon … Continue reading

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lazy bones..

some moons back i had put up as my FB status, something on the lines of ‘the more comforts you gather around yourself, the more comfortable you get.’ some people did not fully understand the import, but of course, not … Continue reading

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i had a very interesting topic in mind, just an hr back, when i was jogging, out on the busy road, taking in lungs-full of pollution, dust, and dirt rich air. and now i have no idea what i was … Continue reading

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kudos to Egyptian army

what is more important for an army? protecting the country, or protecting its people, the civilians who make (up) that country. in most cases, where there has been a dictatorship, the army has been with the current ruler and gone … Continue reading

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Dear God! I don’t want to break your heart or make you feel bad, but I can’t “merge” into you, not now, not for some time. You know how much I care about you, and the amount of affection i … Continue reading

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