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chhee chhee…NO!!

we shall keep sitting having coffee stare in each other’s eyes and other orifices let the fingers feel tips touching what you feel we feel let the fingers do the tango or let’s park right here there its dark thank … Continue reading

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this desire…

desire how do i define a surge sometimes tsunami leaves in awe sometimes but when it leaves it leaves a trail of dirt, and dust and mess desire not passion you feel you portray it as passion say words grinding … Continue reading

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nothing rhymes with ‘life’ this life doesn’t rhyme this rhyme-less, tacky, very superficial, shallow verse shows no beauty has no class no dignity not even prose but broken un-attached scatterings of a long forgotten bang . not big very small … Continue reading

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good friday.. :)

bah! came here to put some thoughts down, then saw zillions of spam posts and have been deleting those forever now. dunno what security setting(s) stops them. anyways, last night i was thinking about this thought i have obsessed about … Continue reading

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some times, you just know. well, with me, that time never comes… :-] ..did i ever mention that i love groping in the dark..? hmmm…

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someone laughing: only an indian will pronounce champagne as cham-peg-ney. (‘ch’ as in chuck) me: only an indian will laugh at someone who is reading something exactly the way it’s spelt.

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Happy New Year… :)

sorry. 4 days late, i couldn’t access my site for reasons not known to me. thanks to my good-hearted bro, i am able to use it now. thanks veer!! :) yes, i do wish a very happy new year to … Continue reading

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