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Dear Universe,

I really need to talk to you … Put your healing hands on my storm ridden heart … sooth me, show me the way … the light … _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ sometimes i do wish that there was someone i could talk … Continue reading

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desire consumes me now how much so much i don’t see a face no sound no admissions of love sweet whispers escape me it’s just skin against skin a cool heat soft coolth a cool caress a tight squeeze makes … Continue reading

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conversations with cy … :-)

Cy: you know mamma, if God could send me back into the past, i would go back to when you had asked me if i wanna move to hyderabad, and then i would say NO. Me: oh! but i thought … Continue reading

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dopahar ke iss sannatey mein, baithey-baithey so jaati hoon | tumko bahut bulati hoon, sapno mein jab kho jaati hoon

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in a huge rush …

… to get to bed .. :) had an awesome, awesome, awesome dream last night. i am in this most awesome place in the mountains .. like one of those bastis on the nude beaches of northern goa. and i … Continue reading

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sad monday …

in this old time movie, ‘mera naam joker’, there’s this scene where the protagonists’ (the circus joker, played by raj kapoor) mother has died. he’s about to get out on to the stage, the circus ring, when the news reaches … Continue reading

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more …

promises made and wishes and desires expressed in the afterglow of love making is like those beautiful sweat beads that appear from the infused warmth of the two bodies. expected, natural, enjoyed, and then dried and forgotten … washed in … Continue reading

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what’s weird is that i have started feeling weird about putting stuff here. things that i do, things that i don’t. i have started caring about … not caring. tut! that doesn’t even make any sense. i lose a few … Continue reading

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