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yes vagina? no nirvana …

in some religion … (hinduism is it, or jainism?) they say that a woman can not attain nirvana. so if a woman has .. potential, post-death, she gets born again as a man and only then becomes eligible to attain … Continue reading

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one keeps hearing (has grown up hearing) that change is good. change is the only constant and more words to that effect. but, is it? in this world, in nature, nothing changes–days and nights, lives and deaths, blossoming and withering. … Continue reading

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need to be careful where i leave my heart behind foolishly my faith like love in love is blind

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the sand dunes of your thighs i could ski up and down on the sands, your skin sink in the wet quicksand lose myself for ever

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sigh …

it scares me when i look down and i look at my own breasts cos then i think of you a possession of possessing and i know that it’s a key but then it scares me when i look down … Continue reading

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i wish … :)

i am feeling very restless today. i wanna do something .. do something big. be a huge success, go places, earn money .. all in this one day. and tomorrow life can return to “normal”. :)

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addicted …

like all addicts i stutter and stammer and in my stuttered, stammered speech i insist i don’t need you like all addicts i smile, i pretend i laugh, i pretend i live, i pretend and i insist i don’t know … Continue reading

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