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i love my dreams, for in my dreams, i (fall in?) love

for past 2 nights (this, along with the potato dream), i have been with the same person (a mr cute guy) in my dreams (recurrent “dream” :)). how … just wow is that. the guy of my dreams … literally … Continue reading

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in my dream last night, i saw a potato, peeled and cut in half, grumbling about how now it’ll be boiled over and over again, and maybe even fried. i wonder if the dream has a significance, or a message.

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sad! sad! sad!

it’s going bad again .. all bad .. everything. i have been feeling so .. shitty. sometimes i feel i’d rather just kill myself .. than go to the dentist .. again. ** sigh ** how depressing it is .. … Continue reading

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Sun signs …

Aries – Dunno Taurus – Not sure; maybe Gemini – No Cancer – No Leo – No Virgo – No Libra – NO Scorpio – Might Sagittarius – Might (..though most saggi guys i’ve met have problems staying loyal to … Continue reading

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i don’t want to remain a half, or 1/3rd, or some such. and i don’t want an equally incomplete someone to come and “click” and voila .. we have an illusion of completeness. i want to be complete. a complete … Continue reading

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put this up as a comment on FB in response to a friend’s status message; liked it, hence putting it up here: i stand where i find myself. i find that i don’t bind myself. but when i do, i … Continue reading

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