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heeheehee … :)

… you never cared, didn’t even notice that it was floating around. so eventually it just floated back to me. my poor heart. and now it’s back home, sleeping cozily, all curled up in warmth and love, content and at … Continue reading

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bolly lyrics

you came into my life and started softly humming your presence into my world was introduced with a murmur a murmur that turned my heartbeat into a drumming and before i knew it i had started to sta a a … Continue reading

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(sarkari) saand …

in/around my late teens, when i was living in NN, ND still, there appeared one day a (sarkari) saand (bull???; it’s called a saand in that part of the world), bang in the middle of the ring road (our quarters … Continue reading

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faith .. :)

i saw the later part of a very nice movie in the morning while having a humble b’fast of kheera-butter sandwich and tea; stolen summer(s?), name of the movie. it’s about a boy, danny, who’s suffering from leukemia, and it’s … Continue reading

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it’s getting pretty chilly here now. has been raining incessantly and is windy like crazy. cold, strong, moist winds. brrrrrrr…………. life without mausi (the maid/nanny .. sul :)) seems .. well .. incomplete. clothes are strewn about, there is a … Continue reading

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