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i was watching this movie, hancock, sometime back, and something hit my mind and i thought that i should write about it. and now i am sitting in front on my computer and i have no idea what it was. … Continue reading

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there is this one thing that can really help one tackle problems/troubles. that thing is objectivity. it might sound hard, being objective in a situation when one is all nerves, highly charged, or emotional, or maybe just crying and/or angry. … Continue reading

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now i know. the gas is all getting leaked from tiny holes like facebook and twitter .. :) my FB status today: love is … to know, and to realize, that my sadness will make her sad too … so, … Continue reading

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the sweetest thing … :)

blankly, i penned these lines in one of cyra’s notebooks: How did we meet? How we met! .. and after sometime there was something inscribed under these lines, in her sweet, pretty, child-like hand: I love you mommy. (and there … Continue reading

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