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random ..

went to try out this new salon O2 Spa in the new GVK One mall. the mall is awesome, but the new salon isn’t. not only the guy cut my hair pretty dispassionately, he completely ruined my request. < sigh … Continue reading

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didn’t come out nice .. but looked beautiful .. :)

in that moment, in your arms when i’d wanted to die. the sky was on fire and so was i.

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started with a talk about apples ..

those that perch on a higher ground are not yet ripe, don’t have a full seed those that pluck away from the branch, and fall are the ones that have learned, and are ready to breed …

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1st relationship

i had my first “relationship” when i was 20. and that was actually the first time that my mind had changed perspectives. till then, guys were always buddies, just like my gal friends. i hadn’t had many sexual feelings towards … Continue reading

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Feeling blue …

very …

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just …

hmmm … nothing much to update really. right now .. right now i feel really sleepy. i have been feeling really sleepy since this “buffet” meal i had for lunch. came home early, and to make matters worse, succumbed to … Continue reading

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you died before for our sins o jesus now die again for me

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i am feeling very, very sleepy today. wonder why. would love to siiiiiiiiiink into a nice cosy bed, like, right now … mmmmmmm ……

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i have picked up a pencil and a sketch pad after .. wow, a good 10-12 yrs now. i wonder if my fingers will be able to recall the .. feelings ..

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thoughts of death!

i think about it sometimes. death – self inflicted. esp when i am PMSing. esp when i think of things i regret, and can’t get over. and i try and push time, with all my might, push it so hard, … Continue reading

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