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:-) batman

i’d put this as a reply to M‘s comment to my previous post. thought it’ll look nice here: :) if batman was my boyfriend i would’ve painted him all white i would’ve made him love light things cheery and bright … Continue reading

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you … i

you say you love me i say, do you even know what love is? you say you will die for me i say, have you ever even lived? don’t want please don’t wish in your wishing the universe might oblige … Continue reading

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i think i see a pattern emerging. this restlessness i feel, like i wanna get out of here, comes mostly after weekends. after 2 days of bliss, of relaxation, of … not going out into this … this … **sigh* … Continue reading

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not like nothing’s happening. there’s always something happening, everyday, even in the most not-happening of lives. and it’s not even stuff that i can’t, or won’t share. but i just don’t feel it some times, the desire to communicate, with … Continue reading

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awwww!!!!! :)

someone i “met” online dedicated these lines to me … :) i am … flattered. :) ____________________________________________________________ i wanna die while u love me… while yet u hold me fair… while laughter lies upon my lips… and lights are in … Continue reading

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i got this mail today from a fellow earthling … :) Hi, JAGDEEP how r doing? Let me know if u likes with me friendship. Reply me soon… And tell me something about uuuuuuuuu

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satyam cyrum sundram .. :)

i had an awesome HOLIday today … :) thanks to rits and DG .. my Hyd friends … :) *********************************************************************************************** arz kiya hai … dil toot-toot ke, toot-toot ke, toot-toot ke powder ho gaya ab to koi bhi aye chutki … Continue reading

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it shouldn’t be called masik-dharm. it should be called masik-majboori… there were many things in my mind to post here these past 3 days … all forgotten.

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ok. so this is an established fact now. i DID NOT … “take to” hyderabad. but till the time i am here, i’ll try my bestest to be happy and not mope or sulk .. :)

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having no one to talk to, i guess is the biggest sadness-inducing factor in one’s life. esp when one wants to share something, some event, not so great, or bright. then talking about it, and just laughing when one has … Continue reading

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i feel like a bird without wings hopping about, can’t fly my heart feels joy but can’t jump, it’s caged i don’t know to smile, or to cry

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