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an event like coming to hyderabad is like being born. doesn’t matter if one likes this world or not … one goes on … happy mostly … :) one just gets used to it .. one day after another. (succumbs? … Continue reading

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if i have a pensieve–the thought collector harry potter’s teachers use–right now it’d make for one hell of a porn movie… oh well .. it’s just a kiss … i can put it up here … :) ________________ Jigyasa is … Continue reading

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i pray … :)

dear God! i pray, pray, and pray please, please, please keep all sinful thoughts out of my head, and my heart, my mind most of all may all lust from my being stay away … :)

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bhoot … (((and vir das)))

sul, our home caretaker cum nanny, has always some interesting tales to tell. like the one she was telling me just yesterday in the morning, when i was enjoying my breakfast in slow, relaxed bites and bits. some background before … Continue reading

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past … present | Cafe d’art / deli 9

long, long, long time back, i had a “friend”. she used me, right, left, and center. not only that, she mistreated me later, when i dated her brother for a while. she just wouldn’t understand that it was none of … Continue reading

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nice weekend …

i had a very nice weekend. just … the way a weekend should be. time didn’t rush through, or didn’t slow down, it was just .. the way it was supposed to be. a second was a second, not split; … Continue reading

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hehehe ….

ok sweet, innocent, angelic M, i officially switch it off … :) i am happy today, though my body hurts, the swellings and pain in my fingers and legs has gone from bad to worse, and it hurts to move, … Continue reading

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a healthy debate ..

a quick update on me: my wonder, wander has stopped. i guess it was just PMS. feel better today. :) so i am just looking for a house now, as the water’s stopped again in malaysian township. we get just … Continue reading

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i did not have (m)any expectations when i moved to hyderabad, and paid dollops of money to this school to get cy admission in std 1 (86k here, as compared to 30k in pune; and i liked the pune school … Continue reading

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i pray…

i wonder … i wonder … i do wanna move … yes, i feel it stronger now, but move my residence within the city, or to another city, i don’t know. i pray to the universe for some clarity …

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25 random things (about me) | tag-itis, spreading on FB

1. I am … hmmm … let’s see … 2. Hmmm… 3. I like paranthas … and milk cream (malai), and the white butter made from milk cream. 4. I have will power enough to say ‘no’ to a hot, … Continue reading

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… :) … ? …

hmmm … maybe M is right (or, Louise L. Hay) … that with that extraction i got rid of an old … principle. hmmm … i hope all my school and college principals are alive and healthy .. hahaha!! :) … Continue reading

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i was just looking at some pictures, of people of other cultures who have converted to sikhism. it was nice, to see so much of … happiness. maybe that’s why people started things like religions initially, to get together and … Continue reading

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