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i will be ‘offline’ from now till 05 jan …

yeyyyyy!!!! Dear God. Please look over us … :)

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unsaif .. :)

for all the girls saif ali khan has … not been able to work things out with … he’s been a very (un)saif ali khan … :)

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t(r)uth hurts … :-/

last evening cy and i had gone to a christmas show, invited by my boss. somewhere in the middle of the show cy expressed a desire to relieve her bladder. i took her to the surprisingly clean “ladies” toilets of … Continue reading

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Mool Mantar [The Basic Chant]

This is the Mool Mantar that I am planning to, rather I want to recite to/with Cyra, so hopefully she too learns it. My mom taught it to me, her mom taught it to her, and so on and so … Continue reading

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more oooooo

it’s not that i don’t believe in god … uh .. ok God. but i am not able to just assume that s/he is there and that s/he will take care of everything. i know, that i am responsible for … Continue reading

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One with …

i am not an expert on sikhism. rather, i am pretty clueless about the entire history and the teachings of the gurus etc. all the gathered information or knowledge is thanks to having been born into a sikh world and … Continue reading

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we come in this world alone. we leave this world alone (not sure about mass tragedies, like if all souls leave together or some such). then why do we need that “someone” to spend our lives with? a little entertainment, … Continue reading

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it’s 1:05 am. there’s a “party” going on in an apartment right across mine, in the building across the street. the construction of these buildings is so pathetic that any sound they make is clearly audible here, even in my … Continue reading

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the other day, i was sitting with some .. people i know in a plush bar of a swanky hotel sipping drinks i’d rather make at home (no, i’ve never made the much loved mojito at home but it’s very … Continue reading

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