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tom, dick, & harry

i wonder if this gave the makers of the hindi movie tom, dick, & harry the idea for the movie. somehow i feel that it did :) ***************************************************************************** i wish someone would give me a nice scrub down, and … Continue reading

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lingua difficulta…

i’ve always loved french, and have tried to learn it, quite unsuccessfully. but it’s spanish that i find truly sexy. yes, that is the word, sexy. and it’s not just because of gasolina (it is in spanish right?). ah! and … Continue reading

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again, just … :)

sometimes i feel that i am too critical of (some) people. (when a teen, veer i think had commented that i am/was arrogant, conceited. i never agreed with him, though now sometimes i feel that some of my actions might … Continue reading

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just …

this song, ‘hum they jinkey sahare‘ has a beautiful dual meaning. hum they jinkey sahare can mean the one i depended on, and it can also mean the one for whom i was … the one s/he could have depended … Continue reading

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Sunday lunch at Chutney’s

Chutneys is a place for south indian popular foods. It’s Cy’s favorite and I like it too when suddenly I have dosas urges on some random days. And all the times that we have been there, I have always ordered … Continue reading

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if i had a (close) friend here in hyderabad, i’d curl up in her/his godi and cry a lot. hormones, i am sure …

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Our visit to Yellow Chilli – Hyd

As a rule, you think an eatery in the ‘world-famous-for-its-biryanis’ Hyderabad, and you think spices. And you can’t help but think about the sharp aroma that pleasantly stings your nostrils as you walk into the ‘promises-of-south’ restaurants spread abundantly throughout … Continue reading

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last night, i dreamt of being in love … or at least feeling that warm something, holding someone’s warm hand. it felt nice .. :)

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sapna apna :)

it’ll be nice, for a while, if one could find a (“modern”) mate and go live in a village (punjab maybe?). all latest communication technology at hand, but working the day as any typical village person does. milking the buffaloes, … Continue reading

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i was going to start everything with a ‘why’ today. like why i feel this, why i feel that. but no … no point asking questions. i will let the mark of a question form in my head only if … Continue reading

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